Real Truth Behind Green Tea and Weight Loss

Truth Behind Green Tea and Weight Loss

In recent researches and studies it has clearly emerged that green tea is healthiest drink on the planet. This tea has shown magical properties of health contributing nature and is recommended as a health drink all over the world. It comes from same plant from which Black tea or Oolong tea is obtained, but due to different method of processing the innate qualities of tea are preserved in green tea which gets released when brewed to give wonderful health benefits to drinker. It has shown tremendous cancer fighting abilities and has gained reputation as heart potion, but very few are aware that this drink has magical fat burning abilities too. Here, the real truth behind green tea and weight loss will be discussed and relation between these two will be unveiled.

Green tea promotes fat metabolism: When brewed the leaves of green tea release the substances which nature has merged in them. One of the most beneficial substances which this tea provides is catechin, a type of polyphenols, which are rich and active anti-oxidants. The potent cancer fighting abilities of this healthy beverage are due to these polyphenols which are abundantly supplemented with every cup of this drink. Another important substance which drinker gets with this healthy drink is EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate.

The supplementation of this substance makes relationship between green tea and weight loss directly proportional. More of this substance is consumed better fat metabolism in the body occurs. When body metabolizes fat completely the available fat is utilized for energy production and body deposits almost no fat. This substance keeps energy levels higher which allows person to stay active and burn even more fat. The real truth behind green tea and weight loss is that this health drink promotes weight loss due to EGCG.

Green tea burns more fat during exercises:This is another truth behind green tea and weight loss. The substances found in this tea burn more fat by mobilizing fatty acids out of fat cells and releasing them into bloodstream for body to produce energy during exercises to keep muscles energized and upbeat. This allows a person to exercise more and also burn extra calories than normal. This wonder drink promotes weight loss by increasing effects of exercises.

Green tea burns fat round the clock: People drinking green tea burn more fat as much as 17% more than other persons who exercise for similar duration and eat similar diet. This is due to its effects which keeps fat metabolism rate higher and keep energy supplementation to cells regular even while body is resting.

Green tea, weight loss goes hand in hand: Green tea promotes healthy weight loss by reducing excessive appetite. This drink helps in reducing cravings to eat and curb excessive fat intake. The abilities of this drink which keeps free-radicals and toxins under control keep digestive system sound and healthy; with clean and healthy digestive system person can regularize his dietary regimen and control fat intake to gain healthy weight loss.

Green tea, weight loss and overall health: Not all fat are same, like HDL is good fat and LDL is bad similarly visceral fat is far more dangerous than the fat lying in subcutaneous layer of skin. This tea dissolves visceral fat to protect body from deadly diseases like diabetes of type 2 and arterial blockages. This property is very effective in promoting weight loss along with sound health. The truth behind green tea and weight loss is that the tea is healthy and very effective fat loss supplement and this weight reduction goes hand in hand.

Slim-N-Trim capsules are herbal supplements designed to promote weight loss. Properties of this supplement are natural and after consuming these capsules weight loss occurs in healthy manner as it occurs by drinking green tea. These capsules also boost-up fat metabolism rate and supplement body with vital nutrients to keep energy levels higher. These capsules improve blood's circulatory and nutrient carrying capacities so that each and every organ of the body gets optimum nourishment and works at its optimum level. Regular intake of these capsules helps in curbing fat intake and increase rate of fat burn to provide slimmer and fitter body.

Along with green tea, Slim-N-Trim capsules work as very effective natural weight loss supplement and increase effects of exercises by many times. One should take these supplements for at least 3 to 4 months for best results and gain long lasting benefits. Slim-N-Trim capsules are purely herbal in nature and this makes these capsules perfectly safe for men and women alike and do not cast any side effects even after prolonged use. Green tea is natural drink too hence these supplements can be taken by person of any age and by complimenting them with exercises and diet control one can bring down weight in healthy manner in a short duration.

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