Low GI Diet Plan, Low Glycemic Index Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

Low GI Diet Plan

Many people these days have been eating unhealthily. They don't know what to eat and in what quantity. They continue eating unhealthy food items and make themselves obese. Those who are starting to get knowledge about unhealthy food items and unhealthful eating habits, continue eating unhealthily. They think that if they eat the unhealthy food items as little as possible, they will get good strong bodies. Little they know they have to cut the unhealthy choices all at once. They need to start following low fat healthy lunch recipes in order to make themselves. The low calorie lunch recipes are going to help them get better and make them healthy.

We are going to look at the low GI diet plan today. What is this GI diet plan you ask? Well it stands for low Glycemic Index diet plan and is nutritionally balanced and involves slow releasing carbohydrates which help you in feeling fuller for longer. Remember the old days when you used to feel hungry all the time and you would eat anything in sight? Well say goodbye to those days and say hello to the new modern world where you would be able to control your hunger. In this diet plan you will get delicious dieting meals and you will be able to satisfy your hunger at the same time.

How will you know whether this kind of low GI diet recipes for weight loss is for you? Well if you have cravings all the time and if you want to satisfy your appetite at the same time, then this diet plan is for you. Low Glycemic Index diet recipes are included in these low calorie lunch recipes that will make you feel full and control your calorie count at the same time.

Here are some of the useful low GI diet recipes -

Crab-stuffed avocados

Firstly you will flake the crab meat in a bowl and mix mustard and oil. After that you season it to taste. You can add basil and chili as you are about to serve. Before you are serving, half and stone the avocados. Both the cavities are to be filled with quarter of the crab mix. And you scatter with a few basil leaves and eat the whole thing with teaspoons.

Smokes salmon with prawns, horseradish cream and lime vinaigrette You are going to mix the crème fraiche with horseradish. You are going to include salt and pepper for taste. When you are about to dress the whole thing, you will pour lime juice and zest with the honey. You also include ginger and seasoning and then finally include whisk in the oil. The smoked salmon and prawns are going to be laid on 2 plates and on top of them will be poured the horseradish cream. Toss the salad on the top.

Cheesy Autumn Mushrooms

This is one of the best low calorie lunch recipes and this low Glycemic Index diet plan for weight loss should be used by every human in order to get healthy. Firstly you will heat oven to 200 degrees. Put the mushrooms in the baking tray. On top of the mushrooms, you will add cheese, walnuts, thyme sprigs and butter. Cook the whole thing until the cheese melts. Now put some leaves on plate and place the softened mushrooms on top of them.

Low Glycemic Index Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

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