How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight in a Fast Way?

How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight

When a person wants to know 'how many calories should I eat to lose weight', he must know exactly the current weight and number of pounds he must lose. One must ensure to burn more fat than his or her intake. There are various factors that can influence the equation that is expected to be consumed should be lesser than those burnt. The major factors that influence the above equation are:

  • The rate of metabolism of the body
  • The nature and type of the diet
  • Type and duration of daily exercises and
  • The extent of the weight loss a person wants to achieve

Those who want to burn more must go for resistance and interval training instead of performing the usual aerobic workouts. By way of including more high-protein foods in the daily diet, one can burn more. The body has to provide more energy to digest and metabolize high-proteins, thereby facilitating burning more. The daily activities of a person, including exercises also influence his daily intake. Those who exercise more physically exert more and have to take more quantity of food. Also, the deficit in the intake should not exceed 1000 calories.

Recommended intake

All those who want to reduce the body mass are keen to know 'how many calories should I eat to lose weight fast'. For those who want to achieve this goal, it is very important to ensure that the number of calories consumed must be less than the number they burn. It is recommended by experts that when a woman wants to lose weight she must eat 1200 calories a day and a man who wants to reduce his body mass have to consume 1800 a day. In order to achieve the rate of intake, a woman has to eat on a day three 300 calories meals and snacks for 300 calories.

For the men, each of the three meals should contribute 450 calories and the snacks must provide 450 calories. It is not advisable to take less than the recommended quantity. When a person tries to starve his body gets the tendency to store the fat as energy reserves. This will retard the weight loss process. Moreover, one must get sufficient amount of energy to carry out the daily activities. One can count his requirement using a calorie calculator. In that case he must keep a food diary. The estimation of requirement is just a numerical workout based on the averages.

Reduction in intake

It is recommended that those who want to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week may consume 500 to 1000 calories less than their actual needs. The weekly deficit of 3500 calories is exactly the amount one need to burn in order to lose one pound of fat. However, drastic reductions may lead to setbacks in the long-term weight loss process.

So, careful inclusion of exercise and diet regime with gradual reduction in intake and gradual increase the exercise routine can help you out if you are really worried about the question 'how many calories should I eat to lose weight in a fast way'.

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