Healthy Juice Recipes, Low Calorie Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Healthy Juice Recipes

Substituting the meals

Those who substitute their meals with fresh juices are able to achieve fat loss. Those who are on a liquid diet are able to reduce their fat content and moreover, unlike other diet programs they will not put the weight back. However, one should take the extract as a meal replacer only. Those who take the fruit drink along with their regular meals cannot expect their body mass index to come down. By taking the fruit extracts that are prepared according to healthy juice recipes, one can enjoy the drink and easily get all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that the body requires. Those who are searching for methods to lose fat can follow the low calorie juice recipes for weight loss. Those who take the fruit drinks that are meant for weight reduction are able to lose up to 20 pounds in just 15 to 20 days.

Great advantages

The liquids that are prepared using healthy juice recipes can provide all the nutrients required. These drinks are very easy to prepare and will not take much time. They are not only healthy, but also delicious as well as fresh. Those made following the low calorie juice recipes for weight loss contain only purely natural products. These recipes never recommend the addition of chemicals and other additives. No preservatives are recommended in the recipes. The extracts of vegetables are tastier than the raw vegetables. The extracts provide more energy and they facilitate detoxification. They enable flush the toxins out of the kidneys and liver. Those who want to take fruit drinks that are made according to low calorie juice recipes for weight loss can prepare them in the comfort of their homes.

A recipe with apple, celery, cucumber, lettuce and spinach

Those who are in search of healthy juice recipes can easily make an extract using 3 apples, half a cucumber, one celery stick, a handful of lettuce, a handful of spinach and a cup of ice. After peeling the apple and cucumber, they have to be dropped into the blender along with spinach, celery and lettuce. After adding ice the mixture may be blended for 2 minutes. It can be served as a cold and delicious liquid.

A recipe to replace coffee

Those who like to have a great fruit extract in the morning to replace coffee can make the same with 2 apples, half of a cucumber, half of a pineapple, a handful of spinach, fresh juice of 2 limes and a cup of ice. All the ingredients may be blended together along with the lemon extract. After stirring well, it can be served. This is a well balanced fruit extract and ideal for taking before exercises.

Juices for weight loss

Fruit extracts are very effective in reducing the weight of the body. After taking these extracts, one feels less hungry and more energetic. Those who could not achieve fat loss by way of dieting can switch over to these liquids that are made according to low calorie juice recipes for weight loss. The low calorie fruit drink can be made using one cucumber, half of an apple, half of a lemon, 11 baby carrots and one stalk of broccoli. All the ingredients are blended together. This is a low calorie beverage with less fat content and is Gluten free.

By way of taking these liquids, the body gets all nutritions that are required without the intake of more calories. Since they increase the metabolism, the consumers can stay fit and active.


Taking fruit extracts is a great way to reduce weight since they are helpful in achieving the goal by increasing the metabolism and provide the energy required by the body for its functioning. The specially prepared extracts according to the low calorie recipes are ideal replacements for meals and are effective in reducing the body weight.

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