Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat, Reduce Belly Fat

Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Abdominal obesity, that is belly fat or is termed clinically as central obesity, is the deposition of abdominal fat in the stomach region as well as the abdominal section. Correlations are made such that it links central obesity to cardio vascular disease. Central abdominal fat as well as visceral fat increases the circumference of the waist which could result in type 2 diabetes. People can control this condition with exercises to reduce belly fat.


Running or Walking

Calories are burnt when we walk or run and our main goal is to remove belly fat. Running and walking help in reducing the overall fat percentage of the body. This helps to remove fat depositions from all parts of the body rather than concentrating on a particular part. Warming up is necessary before attempting any of these exercises to avoid excessive cramps from being developed. These exercises could be a part of an interval training routine. These are the best fat burning exercises as one does not require any form of equipment.

Bicycle Exercises

Performing cardio exercises to rid oneself of belly fat continuously without damaging the body is possible only if they have strong abdominal muscles. The bicycle exercise improves abdominal stabilization, body rotation, and enhances the activity of abdominal muscles, thus proving to be one of the best exercises to get rid of belly fat. Before starting the bicycle exercise, warm up exercises should be performed.

They are:

AB-Stretch and Contraction

Lie on your back with the hands behind your head; raise the knees to your chest while lifting the head and shoulders off the ground. This is followed by bringing the right elbow to your left knee and straightening the right leg. The sides are switched and a pedalling motion is stimulated. The breathing should be slow and relaxed. Three sets are to be performed with up to sixteen repetitions in each set.

Reverse Crunches

This exercise serves to severely strengthen the abdominal muscles and ranks as one the best exercises to shed belly fat. The instructions are as follows:

Lie down with your arms by the side. Cross your feet and lift them off the floor so that your knees create a 90-degree angle. Contract the abdominal muscles and lift your head and shoulders off the ground. One should exhale when he or she contracts; inhale when you lower back down. Three sets should be performed with up to sixteen repetitions in each set. Warming up is necessary before attempting any of these exercises to avoid excessive cramps from being developed. Indeed one of the powerful exercises to get rid of belly fat.

Elliptical Trainer

This is an alternative for the jogging exercise and helps to prevent muscle tear and joint wear caused by jogging but essentially burns a lot more calories than jogging. It is an intense low impact cardio workout. Around three hundred calories can be burnt in thirty minutes.

Exercises to lose belly fat can be very mundane and boring but when performed regularly with effort and increasing hardness factor one could definitely achieve great results and an immaculate body physique.

Reduce Belly Fat

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