Digital Nutrition Scale

Digital Nutrition Scale
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EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale - Professional Food and Nutrient Calculator

Calculate calories, carbs, fiber, sodium, fats, vitamin k and six other nutrients from thousands of packaged and 999 whole foods 44 page guidebook on maintaining a healthy lifestyle Memory Mode - save up to 99 entries for daily or weekly tracking Weighs in grams (to nearest whole gram) and ounces (to nearest ounce); Max weight 6.6 pounds (3000 grams) Tare feature, auto power off, runs on 4AAA batteries (included); 2 Year Warranty and Guarantee

Food and Nutrient Calculator
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Kitrics Digital Nutritional Scale

This functional product is both a food scale and a nutritional calculator. The easy to read display shows the 10 key elements of weighed foods in a familiar format similar to the nutrition label found on most food products. Computes: calories, calories from fat, carbohydrates, protein, fat, saturated fat, fiber, sugars, cholesterol and sodium User can easily create and store up to 99 customizable food code entries Includes information for 999 foods, totals daily nutritional intake to help achieve health goals Weighs in grams or ounces, high precision +/- 1g/0.05 oz, weighs up to 72 oz / 2000 g Auto power off, runs on 2AA batteries, included

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